Tuesday, July 26, 2011


SO FAB PHOTOGRAPHY CREATIONS.. This was our favorite past time.. fashion photography with the help of my team. Josen Cagungun. Jayson Cagungaun. Jhauymie Sand Manalo. with Chrestler Malibiran and Erico Nasedos. Those photos is just our sample pictures taken using 12 mp DIGITAL CAMERA. practice practice pa lang kami. with no any material things na ginagamit talaga sa photography. Its just camera. models and US TEAM. Hindi namin iniinda ang pagod kasi dun kami masaya. Makita lang nmn na maganda ung kinalabasan ng shoot namin. Were all happy. Dun lang okay na kami. pero may mga pngarap din kami na someday makilala kami sa gantong larangan with the help of others na din. I hope u guys enjoy viewing our photos. Have a nice day everyone ^.^

MODELS: Albien Hunt.Erico Nasedos.Kyle Villanueva. Norman San Diego. Jhauymie sand Manalo. Jayson Cagungun. Abbie Pilorin. Thanks Guys. :)

 We usually hang out together. Jayson Cagungun, Josen Cagungun. Erico Nasedos, Chrestler Malibiran. We have same thing in common especially on what we wear. Thrift Stores. yan ang tambayan namin lalo na kapag need namin ng new clothes. haha. Eh anu naman kung UKAY UKAY diba? as long as u can carry it. flaunt it. dont be shy. hindi naman halatang ukay. :) And one thing, its unique. kasi wala kang katulad. :) Halos lahat ata ng damet ko is from ukay. Well thrifted na, unique pa. San ka pa diba?.. just be yourself and never say never.  Fashion is fun but know your limitations. Sabi nga nila lahat ng sobra hindi na maganda. :) be confident in yourself. un lang un.. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011


Here's my favorite look on lookbook. naah. sorry for the quality of pics. Im only using 12 MP digi cam. I dont have SLR yet. but im hoping next month i have my own. Hope you like this look. Have a nice day guys. Godbless^.^

Anyway. this page is under construction. Ill fix this as soon as possible. THANK YOU! ^.^


Fab Society is one of the finest and coolest group in FRIENDSTER since 2006 and now it ready to invades the FACEBOOK Network. It is a privilege to have this into your hands. If you appreciate its content and follow its provisions you will be help to become a good and well adjusted of being a FAB.

FABULOUS is defined as barely CREDIBLE and exceedingly GREAT.

We in FAB do not have to be trendy, rich or beautiful to be fabulous. Being fabulous has much more to do with how you feel about yourself and how you treat other people. Each of us has its own standard for what being fabulous means and many will set a standard that is too high for most people to meet. We cannot all be RICH and BEAUTIFUL. Instead, set your own standard of what being fabulous means to you.

Fabulous people are comfortable living in their OWN skin. Fabulous people CARE about more than just themselves. They invest in the people around them. Fabulous people do fabulous things. So, if you want to be fabulous but are not fabulous yet, do the things that a fabulous person would do. Choose to love yourself and carve out time to make the world a better place for someone else.

And lastly, If you love yourself and the people around you, then you are fabulous. Fabulous people do not care about other people's opinions of themselves. As long as you are comfortable living in your own skin, then you are fabulous.

I establishes this teen group to create and build a culturally diverse organization that honors the cultural diversity of the youth/teen, embracing innovation, flexibility, reflection, and continuous improvement. Thrive in a culture of learning,personal development and personal growth. We value all our members to provide the highest level of care and support to each other and hold ourselves accountable fo achieving superior outcome.